How Does The Land Dispute Lawyer Help In The Claiming Of Disputed Land?

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A property dispute is a kind of dispute which is over the real property and in which two parties fight for some specific piece of the land claiming that the area belongs to them. Real property is something which is not moveable from its place and this could be any house, roads, ponds and other such kind of things. When such disputes happen, then usually people hire the land dispute lawyers to handle these issues and to have a final legal verdict.

These property disputes could be between number of different groups and people. These could be neighbors, tenants and their landlords, some homeowner agencies, members of family and sometimes it could also involve the agencies of the government as well. Since the number of parties involve in these are too much and therefore, land disputes are one of the most filed disputes.

The common kind of land disputes in which the land dispute lawyer Sydney helps involve the contradiction between the neighbors in deciding that where exactly is the boundary line or in other cases, there could be a neighbor who has planted a tree, bush or installed a fence in such a way that there is the blockage of the view from the other neighbor. Another most common kind of dispute which falls in the category of the land disputes is between tenant and the landlord in which the most dispute is over the damage of certain things on the property and when they cannot decide that which party would be held responsible for a certain kind of damage. Then same kind of dispute is also held between the home owners and the agents of the real estate agency when they fight over the responsibility of the damage and the repairs in the property. Sometimes, these land disputes also involve the insurance company in the cases where someone gets injured on the property of some other person and then the insurance companies fight for the resolution of the matter that who was responsible for this to happen. Then similar kind of land disputes also happen between the owners to claim the property and to decide the rightful owner. This kind of disputes happen in case of inherited properties where there are more than one owner and then the land dispute lawyer and other parties propose different proofs and documents to decide that who is the rightful owner. Another interesting kind of property dispute is related to the zoning of the property which means that for what zone the property was listed, either it was commercial or residential.  

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