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When there is construction of any building, house or towers structure is the most important and valuable phase of the construction for an engineers and builders. Structure is most important than walls, foundation and floors. Strength and reliability of the construction depends over the material used such as soil and cement, iron and many more to get stability for long-term. Testing of the construction material is very important for builders to identify the weakness of the material, in-case a builder or site owner has not done material testing and used material is not reliable for long-term soon cracks will appear in the building walls and floor and the value of the building will decrease very rapidly. A good builder will always prefer testing before use of any construction material. Sometimes site owner don’t want to invest in the testing of material and trust on the name of material providing company in that case site owner is taking a big risk and good builder will not work without test certificate of material as there can be many problem occurs after construction.

It is also recommend by the civil engineering law that you have to get the test certificate of the all material used in the construction. Pearce Geotech Pty Ltd is leading company providing material testing services that includes special inspection, laboratory tests and field examinations. After test of the material builders ensure that material used in the construction of the structure is trustworthy and reliable by meeting the all necessary quality benchmarks. With the help of construction material builders are able to control the risks related to post construction. Our testing experts are enough smart in the testing of concrete, soils, earthworks, asphalts, masonry, structural steel, reinforcing steel and roof material they don’t leave a single dot testing procedure and examine with many different procedures regarding different environmental effects created artificially at our labs.

We have experience of many year in the field of construction material testing and our laboratories are upgraded with latest testing equipment and we are able to create artificial environmental change in our laboratories which enables us to check the material for stability in all weathers. We don’t clear construction material until and unless it clears our all testing procedures and requirements.

Pearce Geo Tech is offering best material testing services of nata accredited testing, NATA accredited soil testing Adelaide and many more throughout the country and we always upgrade our laboratories with latest and efficient equipment to provide the best test result. We are family operated business but our motive is to make every construction reliable and it results in the economic growth of the county as well. We are first choice of builders for construction material testing.

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