Keeping Your Cool During The Hotter Seasons

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So every once in a while, the sun is high up and the temperature can be just plain annoying. The sweat is trickling and then you are looking for ways on how to defeat the seemingly inevitable hot temperature. But no worries, as we provide several suggestions on how to beat the heat.

Condition your home’s air

Yeah, this is probably among your first options as well. The traditional air conditioning unit you have long relied on for many years. But that could also mean the energy bills going high. You may use electric fans as alternatives, but are those really enough? Well, for some it may be but for those who are not satisfied, a do-it-yourself AC my do the trick. With just fans, Styrofoam, and ice, you can build a low-cost air conditioning unit. But if that doesn’t please you, a portable evaporative air conditioning would actually be the more practical choice. It’s efficient in terms of energy consumption, and also very economical. No need to trade your monthly bills for a satisfying coolness you so much desire.

Hydrating yourself

The thirsty feeling you’re having every often is there for a reason: your body needs to replenish the fluids you just sweat out. And it may not take a genius to know that you need water, but some people fail to appreciate the wonders of the eight glasses, or more. When your body temperature increases, your body’s way to protect itself is to release fluids (read: sweat) to maintain its coolness. So if you don’t typically replace the fluids you keep on losing, there’s no way to keep the cool on your body. And in here, we mean drinking water. Not liquid beverages that are too sweet or caffeinated. Other methods of keeping hydrated is to eat hydrating foods, such as fruits and vegetables. How about some cucumbers or watermelon?

Shower more

It may not be the best solution, but it’s sure to really cool your body. Stop slacking and try taking a cold, cold bath. Plunge into the tub with your essential oils. You’d feel better, and cooler, in no time. Or better yet, plan your next swimming activity. Swimming pools or beaches, as long as you immerse yourself in water, you’re sure to keep your cool.

Minimize lights

In order to maximize the chill provided by your portable evaporative cooler, try toning down the brightness in your home. Turn off lights, close the curtains, or use blinds on your windows. Light bulbs and lamps often generate heat, which would add up to the already existing temperature. If you’re not really in need of lights, try going full dark, or minimize the lights. You’re also going to save some money.So if you really want to keep your cool during the hotter days, keep in mind these suggestions to chill out. You might end up liking it.

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