Tree Takes Revenge Differently

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In this world practices, things and thinking are quite weird, just an example: we cut the trees, use the tree trunks and woods to make papers, pencils, study tables and different office and school stuff/stationaries and then kids come get admission, get education in the same school using that stationary. Surprisingly In that school on that varies desk using that particular stationary we teach our kids not to destroy or cut or remove trees. Strange but true! Having said that there are certain areas where trees grow (without any human intervention), whenever required unfortunately they have to be cut down/ removed/cut.

Tree related work is generically considered as dangerous and hazardous, but especially tree removal Sydney  is really and seriously dangerous (as in fatal if not handled with care and proper protocol). There is a combination of things which are required to make a tree fall such as, tree physics, biology, dangerous and heavy tools, advanced cutting techniques etc. usually this has been witnessed that privately when people try to remove the trees from places like: from their house backyard, garden area etc. they get hurt and get injured due to falling limbs, branches and sometimes heavy trunks, in addition to this poor handling of heavy tools hurt the person using it.

Let consider some common scenarios where cutting or removing a tree is mandatory otherwise consequences could be really bad; like near electric wires: this is true right? We have seen so many trees almost colliding with the high voltage wires which hinder the daily electricity supply and sometimes citizen complains the forest department to take charge and solve the situation before anything fatal happened. It is necessary for the complainer to tell the exact location and the nature of the situation to the department, so that they can seek guidance or help from the state electricity department in this regard.

Insufficient gears: sometimes people themselves make it messy by applying the DIY mantra, everything cannot be done by everyone (jobs are assigned for a reason folks!) and sometimes even forest department workers work like an idiot! (apologies and no offense but this is true) sometimes knowingly they send inexperienced workers to handle such situations which causes trouble and sometimes irreparable property and life losses.

Decay in wood: all have been heard about tooth decay, same is the case here people do not focus on the decaying issue and consider it as a texture of the trunk which is quite stupid! Decayed trunk means it has been severely infected and could be fallen down without any prior notice (if not tackled before time). It is important to call a professional to handle such situation and do it in a timely way is a must. Sometimes even professional try to remove decayed trees with a crane; which acts as a welcome letter for the tree to fall on the crane and create damage, rather it should tackled otherwise (which is a different topic).

Folks! Removing trees is not cool greenery is necessary but yes there are certain places which needs to be cleaned before any construction. Just one line for this “handle it with care”

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