Decorating Own Apartment Unit

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Planning to decorate or style your home but with minimal budget? Nothing to worry as Pinterest and home ideas websites are there to help. You can create your own board and compile all of your pegs, style and theme you want to incorporate. Below are some 2018 trends that can be useful to achieve a better home.

Window Blinds

Window blinds in pleated series are commonly used now instead of those raffled and laced curtains. These blinds can contribute to a modern look interior, gives privacy and protect your home from direct heat when you close it. It can easily be adjusted to let the right amount of light comes in. It is versatile to use with variety of colors available. It will require some drilling of walls before installation so make sure that you have asked your property maintenance regarding this matter. If it’s allowed to do it on your own or they can send someone to do it for you. You can opt the Brisbane removalists cheap that can give a help make your move efficient and stress-free.

Industrial lights

Those huge chandeliers were replaced by this hanging and dangling lights as a main lighting supply for modern homes. This type of lights is more on industrial theme but it blends really well to any home design especially if you have a low ceiling. It will require a lot of light bulbs but you can still conserve energy by using LED or light-emitting diodes light.

Indoor plants

Instead of buying flower centerpieces, huge candles or jars try using indoor plants as your housing decoration. It can be anywhere, from your living room, dining and even kitchen. It doesn’t need any proper garden maintenance as most of the indoor plants can live even with less sunlight and water. It is refreshing to look and can increase oxygen level to your home.

Wall shelves

Using shelves is another trendy way of decorating your home. Wall floating shelves is space saving and a nice way to display your favorite photos or your own collectible items. For kitchens, you can use wooden shelves as a better storage for your kitchen utensils instead of buying or creating lots of cabinets.

Nude paints

Using any shade of nude or earthy colors is one of the most popular 2018 home designs. Through the years, white and black combination becomes dominant in building a home. But this year, using a touch of brown or something earthy colors from ceiling, flooring and furniture is very common. This color tuning gives you a simple yet a sophisticated look.


The use of wallpaper gives a twist to your interior walls. There’s no need to add paintings or frames if you stick on some colorful or patterned wallpapers.

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